I was lucky enough to spend 2 days with Trish Punch exploring some beautiful locations in Ireland. Trish was extremely knowledgeable about the locations she brought us to, and very willing to find places that fit the criteria we had given her. The places she shared with us were wonderful for making photographs as well as avoiding crowds. Trish is a gifted photographer, and her knowledge of the area and locations was invaluable to my group. I would highly recommend doing a photo tour with her, I can’t wait to return to Ireland to do another one myself.

Kathleen Clemons, ME

Trish Punch took three American photographers under her wing. We were enraptured by her tales while she took us to amazing spots in East and West Cork. We went to Waterford, saw Ardmore village and the round tower in the cemetery. Lismore Castle brought us amazing flowers, macro lenses and more stories. Perhaps the highlight of our wonderful days with her was an amazing tree we spotted in the middle of a farmer’s field. It was private property, but she was undaunted, backed up her car, and we shot images for about an hour over the fence. Those images are my favorites from our adventure. Without Trish, we would have missed so much of our Irish experience. She is a fantastic photographer, and a wonderful friend, and I would highly recommend her as a group leader, taking people to the ends of the earth.

Cindy Hamilton, Winston-Salem, NC